Aquaglide Lanai Hexagon and Lanai Combo with Soft Pack

Aquaglide has recently introduced the new Lanai Combo for 2013. The Lanai Combo with Soft Pack integrates some of the great features that defined the Lanai Hexagon and adds to them to make it unique.

What are the Features of Each?

Lanai Hexagon
1. (7) D-Rings attahced (Allows for the addition of the Bimini Top and attachment to other Aquaglide Platinum Products)
2. Tow Control strap (Great for comfort and stability while towing. Allows users to stand up, sit down or lie down while being towed.)
3. Bimini Shade Top and Soft Pack (Optional)
4. Dimensions: 98″ L x 98″ W x 10″ H

 photo 2ec217bf-af2f-474f-b6e1-5c528b5d3170_zps84e3e313.jpg

Lanai Combo with Soft Pack
1. (8) Hand Straps ( Great for Towing with a secure hand placement for up to 4 people.)
2. Soft Pack Standard ( Great addition manufactured into the Lanai offering 2 cup holders, beverage area and a comfortable cushion for relaxing on your lounge.)
3. Dimensions: 102″ L x 90″ W x 26″ H

 photo AG_lanai_combo_1_detail_zpsc542c7b1.jpg

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Aquaglide Foxtrot Challenge

The Aquaglide Adventure Series Foxtrot Challenge is a crowd pleasing new product by Aquaglide. The Foxtrot Challenge comes with 2 XL SwimSteps for easy access on both ends of the Foxtrot Challenge making it 30 feet of challenging fun. Start by learning how to balance and walk across safely and dry. Once you have mastered the technique to cross the Foxtrot, challenge a friend to a race across. When you have mastered speed on the Foxtrot, test your balance in a duel with water noodles.

Finally, when you’re ready to expand your waterpark simply attach another Aquaglide Platinum product with the Interloc QuickStraps provided. Whether in a pool or at the lake, the Foxtrot Challenge will be sure to offer fun and entertainment for all ages.

Learn More about Aquaglide and other Aquaglide Water Parks and Combinations at Buy Aquaglide.

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Water Trampoline and Water Bouncer Differences

What is the difference between a Water Trampoline and a Water Bouncer?

Aquaglide Water Trampolines (Aquaglide Only) use a metal frame and metal springs that attach the jump surface to the inflatable outer tube. A frame or springs are not incorporated with Water Bouncers. The jump surface on a Water Bouncer is woven or welded to the inflatable outer tube.

Why are Water Trampolines more expensive than Water Bouncers?

Water trampolines are typically larger and include a metal frame and springs. They also offer a significantly better quality for jumping.

How high can I jump on a Water Trampoline versus a Water Bouncer?

It is always important to understand that Water Trampolines and Water Bouncers will not offer the jump quality offered by a land trampoline. Land Trampolines are placed on solid ground. A Water Trampoline is set on an inflated surface, which is on the water. Water Trampolines will offer better jump quality to that of a Water Bouncer; however the height achieved will depend on the individual jumper. It’s a good idea to view the videos of each Aquaglide Water Trampoline and Water Bouncer. You can locate these videos on the individual product pages to see them in action!

How long does it take to set up a Water Trampoline or Water Bouncer?

The first time you set up your Water Trampoline using two people, it will take approximately 90 minutes. Future set ups should take approximately 45 minutes; based on using two people.
Water Trampoline Break-Down: Approximately 30 minutes (using two people).
Water Bouncer Set Up / Break Down: Approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

Which is best for me, Water Trampoline or Water Bouncer?
That depends 100% on how you will answer the following questions:

1) Will you be using your Aquaglide product short term only (i.e., day trip to the lake or river)?
If yes, a Water Bouncer is better suited for you.

2) Do you want the best jump quality?
If yes, then definitely a Water Trampoline.

3)Do you plan on having your Aquaglide product in the water for extended periods of time? For instance, the entire summer season (or even at least one month at a time)?
If yes, the Water Trampoline will be a wiser choice.

4) Are you interested in adding attachments now or in the future making it an interactive Water Park?

If yes, a Water Trampoline will give you wider variety of attachments. Aquaglide offers the most overall.

5) Are you on a tight budget?

If yes, a Water Bouncer is a better choice. Bouncers are less expensive, but still offer a great deal of enjoyment.

How do I store my Water Trampoline or Water Bouncer during the off-season?

It is recommended by the manufacturer that you store your Aquaglide inflatable in a dry area. You should not store it where temperatures reach freezing. You can also store your Aquaglide inflatable in a large plastic (Rubbermaid) container. Always make sure to completely dry the inflatable before storing.

How long should a Water Trampoline or Water Bouncer last?

Both the Water Trampoline and Water Bouncer are made with the same commercial grade materials. If well taken care of, your Aquaglide inflatable should last a long time. It’s not uncommon for customers to contact us about purchasing attachments for their Water Trampolines that are well over 10 years old.

How hard it is to anchor a Water Trampoline or Water Bouncer

Instructions on anchoring your Water Trampoline or Water Bouncer are straightforward. First and foremost, make certain there are no anchoring restrictions in your area. If not, please use the following recommendations. The anchoring weight should range between 75-200 lbs, but will depend on the size of your inflatable and water conditions. Different compositions and bottom densities can affect the anchoring device. It’s always a good idea to find out this information first and then proceed accordingly.

Most inflatables include a bridle harness underneath the trampoline. This harness should be used to connect to your anchor system. You should use an anchor connector (sold separately) to connect the bridle harness to the anchoring device.

Learn more about Rave and Aquaglide at Water Trampoline Shop.

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Safe Grilling for your Memorial Holiday

It’s May and that means National BBQ Month has arrived. We hope everyone has already started grilling on their Fire Magic Grill to prepare for their Memorial Day BBQ.

Food poisoning cases are always present around this time of year and a spike in cases occurs after summer holidays. If you plan on grilling hamburgers, remember to not just look at the inside of the meat to tell if the meat is safe to eat. A thermometer is the best and most reliable way of determining if the meat is safe to eat. Even a recent study by the Food and Drug Administration, shows that only 23% of those who own a food thermometer use it when cooking burgers.

Next time you grill try following these simple steps to make sure your family remains safe from food poisoning:

Clean: Make sure you clean all surfaces on the counter and your grill, utensils, and hands with soap and water.
Separate: Always use separate plates and utensils for raw meat and cooked meat. Also use separate plates and utensils for ready-to-eat foods, such as raw vegetables to avoid cross-contamination.
Cook: Cook your food to the right and recommended temperature by using a food thermometer. This is the only way to know your meat is cooked at a safe temperature. Remember, burgers should be cooked to 160°F.
Chill: Chill raw and prepared foods promptly if not consuming after cooking in a refrigerator. You shouldn’t leave cooked or raw food at room temperature for longer than two hours (or 1 hour if outdoor temperatures are above 90° F). If you’re away from home, make sure you bring a cooler to store your leftovers.

Learn more about Fire Magic Grills and Safety at Fire Magic Shop.

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Aquaglide SUP Inflatable Paddle Board

Have you seen everyone paddling out on the water standing up lately?
Want to try and see why this new activity is quickly taking over?
Don’t have a truck or surf rack?

The Aquaglide Cascade SUP Inflatable Package is the perfect solution for you. This SUP board is unique in that it will inflate and deflate allowing you to carry it in you car’s trunk or even as normal baggage at the airport. The Aqua Glide SUP board is strong enough to carry riders up to 265 lbs / 120 kg and any age. You’ll love the workout and feel secure due to its diamond groove EVA deckpad.

Paddling standing up is great for building your core muscles (stomach and lower back), but it is also a great workout for your legs due to the unbalanced surface of water. It is not only about building your muscles and getting into better shape though. It is also about how the muscles are trained to work together in coordinated ways so that you can use this better coordination in your daily activities and other sports. Don’t forget also that this exercise can be very peaceful when you are out on the water. Learning to paddle and stay up is quick and easy. Staying on the water longer will take time to build your muscles.

The Aquaglide SUP Board Package includes:

1. Inflatable Board
2. Carrying Bag (33″ x 20″ x 9″)
3. 3 piece Adjustable Paddle
4. High Pressure Pump

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us at Buy Aquaglide.

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Fire Magic Digital Vs. Analog Grills

 photo 9ccc3b21-d5b1-4b09-9e80-892bc5047a1d_zpsbce2fbbe-1_zps5f64603b.jpg

Fire Magic has recently updated their Echelon line of Fire Magic Grills to include Analog Models along with the original Digital Display Models. The new line of Analog model grills are also available in Built-In and Stand Alone models. These new analog models are perfect for those grilling enthusiasts who prefer the traditional Analog Thermometer display over the Digital Display.

What is a Digital Display and what are the benefits?

A Digital Display is the thermometer gauge which uses a simple computer to allow you to read the temperature quickly and precisely through numbers and letters.

 photo 7ca4828f-330f-4f1e-bf7b-31310d4cb0b1_zpsda078391.jpg
The Digital Displays are beneficial due to the following features:

1. Ability to also turn on/off the internal lights and the knob back lights.
2. Select the desired temperature for your cooking without having to use your burner knobs.
3. Reference the recommended meat grilling temperatures guide right on the display.
4. Set an alarm for each individual cooking zone and the meat probe.

What is an Analog Display and what are the benefits?

Analog Displays are measured by a hand/pointer turning to show the difference in temperature read by its sensors or bi-metal springs. The most common analog displays are found in watches and charcoal grills.

The Analog Displays are beneficial due to the following features:

1. $400 Savings compared to the Digital Models.
2. No batteries.
3. Simple to use and maintain.

 photo 3b04e146-f047-4cb1-900d-881254d5d2a8_zps001bd1d1.jpg

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Fireplace Glass Safety Video

Many new ideas and products were introduced at the HPBA this year. Even with all the new technologies to make our Gas Fireplaces safe, we should still take precautions for ourselves and our children. The following is a great video on some fireplace safety tips for your home.

Learn more at Fireplaces and Mantels.

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