Kid’s Party Ideas

Celebrate the little ones in your life with a special party. Here are 7 fun themes that we love; start with one of our Blast Zone Bouncers and customize easily with coordinated invitations, decorations, cakes and more! Click on the links below to see each of the featured Bounce Houses.

1. American Idol / High School Musical Party

A Blast Zone SuperStar Party Moonwalk Bounce House is the perfect centerpiece for this theme party. Add a karaoke machine, a microphone-shaped cake and musical party favors to create a star studded event.

SuperStar Party Moonwalk Bounce House

2. Medieval/ Knights Party

Transform your child’s birthday into a medieval adventure. Several of our inflatable bouncers fit this theme; choose your favorite from the Magic Castle Bounce House, Ball Kingdom Bounce House or Misty Kingdom Bouncer and Water Park. Address invitations in calligraphy and present each guest with a crown and tunic (simple tunics can be made from inexpensive pillow cases).

Magic Castle Bounce House

Ball Kingdom Bounce House

Misty Kingdom Bouncer and Water Park

3. Outer Space/Astronaut Party

Kids of all ages will enjoy an outer space party like this one. Set up a Quantum Leap Bounce House and serve a “moon” cake. This theme will appeal to boys and girls alike.

Quantum Leap Bounce House

4. Princess Party

A princess party is always in style and perhaps the most universally popular theme for young girls. There are thousands of ways to accomplish this theme and a Princess Dreamland Bounce House is a great focal point.

Princess Dreamland Bounce House

5. Transportation/ Monster Truck Party

This unique theme is perfectly suited for the high-energy child. Decorate with checkered flags, send small trucks with attached card stock as the invitations and put up a Rock Crawler Bouncer and Ball Pit. Don’t forget plenty of party balls for the incorporated ball pit.

Rock Crawler Bouncer and Ball Pit

6. Jungle Party

The Rainforest Rapids Amusement Park can be used either wet or dry. For a summer party, fill up the “Tiki Lagoon” with water and create an outdoor jungle complete with a wild animal piñata. If the weather is too chilly for a water feature, add optional party balls and transform the lagoon into an exciting ball pit.

Rainforest Rapids Amusement Park

7. Pirate Party

It’s hard to go wrong with this theme that is enjoyed by boys and girls of all ages. Set up a Pirates Bay Inflatable Play Park and encourage guests to get in the spirit by coming in costume.

Pirates Bay Inflatable Play Park

Bounce House


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