Starting an Inflatable Business

Looking to ditch the boss and break into the realm of an entrepreneur?  The inflatable business may be the perfect home business; the land of freedom and opportunity, but there are some very serious considerations to take into account before starting your bounce house business!  These considerations fall into six categories: operations, equipment, compliance, insurance, safety and advertising.


Don’t quit your day job – you don’t have to!  Blast Zone Bounce Houses usually rent on weekends, so you can start your business in your spare time.  You don’t have to quit your job and go full-speed ahead.  Just start with a small investment and work in your spare time, building incrementally as demand for your products and services increase.

So you’ll need a vehicle big enough to deliver your inflatables, as well as enough manpower to move inflatables that can range from 100 – 400 lbs.  You’ll need Commercial Grade Blast Zone Bounce Houses and most likely a generator since power is required, but not always available.  Most governing bodies require you to follow all listed directions as well as training your customers, so keep those handy as well.

In this industry, make sure you have important paperwork such as a rental agreement and release of liability forms.  Dotting your “I’s” and crossing your “T’s” will keep you in business milking your cash cow!


There are some very inexpensive inflatable bounce houses out there, and while they are excellent for home use, they are not suited for rentals.  In fact, they may be illegal to rent in some cases!  There are really only two major assets to your fledgling business: you and your equipment.  You need to be honest and ethical and your equipment needs to be attractive, safe and durable.  Plan on spending around $1,000 – $2,000 for inflatables suited for birthday parties, etc.

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All of our Commercial Grade Blast Zone inflatables are made of commercial grade PVC material.  This material will keep your patrons happy and safe, and that small extra investment will pay off shortly because the durability of these items will continue to pay off for a long time. If you choose to use one of our residential units for commercial purposes, you will void the warranty.


Always check your state requirements.  You will need to follow laws pertaining to business ownership in general (i.e. business permits and sales tax laws), as well as the rules of the industry.  You may be considered an “amusement attraction owner/operator.”  Each state has its own requirements, which you will need to investigate and comply with.   Currently, NJ and PA are the most strict. 

Remember that following the rules protects both you and your clients.  You will be providing amusement attractions for children so you must comply with safety and insurance regulations.

Different states have different levels of certification and inspection standards but currently, only two states, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, require inflatables to pass engineering and safety standards before allowing the equipment to be rented out.


You may or may not find that your state requires insurance.  It is not recommended that you operate without insurance. If a patron were to be injured on an uninsured attraction, two problems arise: First, the patron may not receive proper medical coverage;  Second, the business owner will likely be sued and shut down without protection from the insurance company.


Bounce houses are safe. Always use common sense practices and ask your customers to do the same.   An adult should monitor play at all times because injuries occur when children are left unattended and don’t play safely. Bounce houses should never be used in the wind or rain. Needless to say, all inflatables should be anchored at all times.  And remember, the blowers are electric, so they should never be exposed to water.


The Internet and word of mouth!  These two should get your business up and running.  Also consider tagging all of your inflatables with a sign advertising your business and be sure to include your contact info.  Anyone driving by will automatically stare at a bounce house in a neighbor’s yard so take advantage of that opportunity to gain exposure!  If your bouncer isn’t being used, take opportunities to donate it (for use) to little league events, etc. This can give you tax write offs and ton’s of exposure!  Just be creative because people love inflatables!  Be safe and follow the rules and your job is easy.

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