Create a Water Park

If your camp’s or resort’s not innovating; if you’re not creating new programs, activities and ideas each summer, you’re gonna fall behind your competitors, most of whom are concentrating on innovation themselves.

You gotta keep up, but sometimes it’s not easy to stay ahead of the curve. It’s easy to run out of new ideas when you’ve been, and continue to be, involved in the day to day aspects of running your business. So, where should you turn for new ideas? Let us help you design your new water park or improve an existing park. Listed below are a few steps that may help you in assessing your water park needs.

We know that selecting the components of a water park can be a challenge. Most organizations start off with more questions than answers. How much space do we need? How many children can the park accommodate? How will parents, children and counselors react to it? How much money do we need? We find it’s usually best to approach the task of creating a new playground by taking things one step at a time. And don’t worry! We’ll be there to help you along the way.

Step 1: What do you need?

Our Aquaglide specialists are trained to help you conduct a needs assessment that takes into account such factors as objectives, age of children, space considerations, capacity requirements and budget limitations. This Water Park equipment assessment won’t cost you a penny.

Step 2: Design

The Platinum line was designed to encourage you to build the Water Park of your dreams! While each item can be used individually, the system is modular, so nearly every item can be interconnected. Periodically reconfigure your park or add new items to change play patterns and add interest.
Use our Water Park concepts (Click Here) to fit your needs or create your own custom Water Park. This enables you to select the options, structures and activities that best suit your preferences, so you can buy with confidence.

Step 3: Delivery

Nobody has a faster turnaround time than, our goal is for every order to be 100% complete, correct and on-time. We’ll also make sure you’re ready to receive your Aquaglide equipment by letting you know when it will arrive and how you will need to prepare.

Step 4: Installation

Aquaglide is designed for easy installation. Just 2-4 people are needed to inflate and install your Water Park. Some also like to take a team approach to the setup in order to build enthusiasm and promote a sense of team work. In either case, you can count on us for support along the way should you need it.

Step 5: Instruction

To get the most out of your Aquaflide Water Park, it’s important that your teachers, counselors, and other employees know how to supervise children on the water. Allow your team to use the park prior to opening up to the public. This time on the park will be a great team building activity and give everyone a better sense of what you can and can’t do on the water.

Step 6: Service

If you have any questions or need additional service, we stick around after your Aquaglide park is on the water and the kids have played on it. You can rely on the entire team and our warranty to help you with any bumps in the road.

We hope this will give you a better idea of the steps your business needs to take in order to create a water park that best fits your needs.


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