F.A.Q.’s – Trampolines

What is the difference between a Water Trampoline and a Water Bouncer?
Water Trampolines use a metal frame (Aquaglide ONLY) and metal springs to attach the jump surface to the inflatable outer tube. Water Bouncers do not incorporate a frame or springs, as the jump surface is welded or woven to the inflatable outer tube.

Why are Water Trampolines more expensive than Water Bouncers?
Water Trampolines are more expensive because they are typically larger, include a metal frame and springs as discussed in the above Q&A, and offer a significantly better jump quality.

How high can I jump on a Water Trampoline versus a Water Bouncer?

Please understand that Water Trampolines and Water Bouncers will never offer the jump quality that a land trampoline offers. This is due to the fact that land trampolines are set on solid ground, while Water Trampolines are set on an inflated surface which is set on water. Water Trampolines offer a better jump quality than Water Bouncers, and the actual height achieved depends on the jumper. Please view the videos on each of the Aquaglide Water Trampolines and Water Bouncers product pages to see them in action!

How long does it take to set up a Water Trampoline or Water Bouncer?
Water Trampoline Set-Up – First time set-up with 2 people approximately 90 minutes. Each time thereafter with 2 people approximately 45 minutes
Water Trampoline Break-Down – With 2 people approximately 30 minutes.
Water Bouncer Set-Up/Break-Down- Approximately 5-10 minutes for set-up or break-down.

Which is best for me, Water Trampoline or Water Bouncer?
This answer depends 100% on you and how you would answer the following set of questions:

1) Will the unit be in the water for extended periods of time, such as the whole summer season, or at least 1 month at a time?

If yes, the Water Trampoline is a more popular option.

2) Do you want to use something short term only, like a day trip to the river or lake?

If yes, than a Water Bouncer may make more sense.

3) Do you want to have the best jump quality possible?

If yes, then a Water Trampoline is a must and you may be disappointed with a Water Bouncer.

4) Will you want to add attachments now or later, to make it into an interactive waterpark?

If yes, then a Water Trampoline offers more attachments, and Aquaglide offers the most overall.

5) Do you have a very tight budget to work with?

If yes, the Water Bouncers are definitely less expensive, and offer a great deal of enjoyment for the price.

How do I store my Water Trampoline or Water Bouncer during the off-season?
Manufacturers recommend that you store your inflatable in a dry area which does NOT reach freezing temperatures. Large tupperware containers seem to work well as storage devices. Be sure to completely dry the unit before storing it for the off season.

How long should a Water Trampoline or Water Bouncer last?
Water Trampolines and Water Bouncers are made with the same commercial grade materials, therefore if well taken care of, they can both last a very long time. We’ve had customers (residential and commercial) contact us to purchase attachments for their trampolines which were over 10 years old.

How hard it is to anchor a Water Trampoline or Water Bouncer
Anchoring your inflatable is very straightforward. First make sure that there are no anchoring restrictions in your area which could supersede the following recommendations. The anchoring weight should range between 75 lbs – 200 lbs depending on water conditions and the size of the inflatable. Different bottom densities and compositions could affect the anchoring device as well, therefore please find this information out ahead of time and act accordingly.

Most inflatables include a bridle harness underneath the trampoline to connect to your anchor system. Use an anchor connector (sold separately) to connect the bridle harness to the anchoring device.


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