The Pros and Cons of Wicker

North Cape Montclair 6 Piece Seating Wicker Set

If you thought that wicker was a natural fiber, you’re not alone. However, that is not correct. Wicker refers to the style of weaving materials around a frame to make furniture. This technique has been around for a long time- in fact the style of wicker use dates back to the Egyptian empire of 3000 B.C. While wicker is not a kind of material, wicker furniture originally was made from natural fibers like bamboo and rattan since weaving requires pliable material. Perhaps that is why the word “wicker” became synonymous with natural fiber.

These days, stunning wicker furniture is available in a number of synthetic materials, such as resin. These synthetic fibers allow the furniture to hold up well to outdoor environments. Natural materials like rattan and wood may rot or decay. In addition, natural fibers are exposed to the attack of parasites like termites. Therefore, untreated natural material does not last long. By using synthetic materials you can ensure that the furniture will last.

Wicker furniture made from synthetic materials comes in a variety of colors. Therefore, you do not have to limit yourself to shades of brown. Since the colors are embedded into the material, rough handling does not leave scratches or cause the color to peel off. The color does not fade even when the furniture is exposed to long hours of sunshine.

Another pro to wicker furniture is that it is lightweight. Pieces can easily be moved around . At the same time, they are sturdy because of the technique used to weave the material. Therefore, they can easily support a lot of weight even though they are lightweight.

Since natural wicker furniture is generally placed in the outdoors, proper maintenance is critical to ensure long life. You might need to store them away during the rains or during intense heat. A pro to buying synthetic materials is that they do not need much maintenance. They may simply be wiped clean. In case of heavy stains or dirt, they may even be washed.

Perhaps the biggest pro is the cost factor. Wicker costs less than most other kinds of outdoor furniture and there is absolutely no compromise in the look or elegance of the furniture.

The only potential disadvantage of wicker furniture is that dust can get trapped in the tiny nooks and crevices between the layers. However, since it is easy to wash off the dust, this is easily taken care of.


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