Blast Zone Manufacturing FAQ

Blast Zone Manufacturing FAQ

1. What is the difference between Blast Zone Residential grade and Commercial grade inflatables?

Blast Zone Commercial grade inflatables are meant for continuous commercial use. These Commercial products are substantially heavier, and are designed to withstand frequent, long-term because they are made of a full commercial vinyl in all of its components. Blast Zone commercial inflatables are also designed to be insured, and adhere to ASTM standards for the manufacturing of commercial inflatables.
Blast Zone Residential inflatables, manufactured for less-frequent use, are meant for families and homeowners.

Blast Zone home use inflatables utilize lighter commercial-grade materials for their bounce and slide surfaces, while using polyester oxford for their support components in the inflatable. These inflatables are designed to comply with ASTM Toy Standards, CPSC guidelines, and ASTM guidelines for Home Use Inflatables.

2. What is the weight of the vinyl used in your commercial inflatables?

Blast Zone commercial inflatables use a multitude of components in their products. Blast Zone uses everything from 72oz vinyl (for durable high impact areas) to 18oz vinyl for structural component surfacing (such as bounce, wall and slide surfaces), to 7oz (for non-structural areas such as castle towers) are used in assembly.

Impact surfaces (such as the bounce floor), which take the structural abuse in the inflatable, utilize 18oz vinyl. This 18oz vinyl is additionally reinforced up to “72 OZ.” This layering process is achieved by permanently fusing together multiple sheets of 18oz vinyl, before the components are joined together. This creates a virtually impenetrable joint for ultimate durability and a more satisfied business owner. Also the high-grade webbing in the vinyl we use, which provides the material its tensile strength is very important to the durability.

Ultimately, Blast Zone’s goal for their commercial Inflatables is to create the most durable, safe product possible that is manageable and practical for the owner. Over years of innovative production and hundreds-of-thousands of products created and sold, numerous safety and quality advancements have been achieved.

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Blast Zone Manufacturing FAQ


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