American Outdoor Grill Rotisserie System

What is included in the Rotisserie System?

The American Outdoor Grill Rotisserie system, which can be very useful for creating that perfect sear and basting, includes the following:

• Infrared Back Burner
• Rotisserie Motor
• Meat Forks
• Spit Rod
• Warming Rack

While all American Outdoor Grills have the option of purchasing the Rotisserie System, the backburner cannot be added at a later date. You can however, add the rotisserie kit, which includes the rotisserie motor, meat forks and spit rod.

 photo aogrotisserie_zps0d44d0b8.jpg

Can I get the AOG Warming Rack and not the Rotisserie System?

Yes, the warming rack also can be purchased as an option separately if you decide not to go with the rotisserie system.

American Outdoor Grill Warming Rack

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