Adjusting Your BBQ Air Shutters

Although each Fire Magic Grill comes from the factory ready for use and grilling, sometimes you may need to adjust the Air Shutters due to altitude or your location.

This is a simple process and can really keep your grill responding to you changes in heat perfectly. The ideal position for the Air Shutters is when the flames burn blue and are just touching the burner. You do not want flames that burn orange or are not touching the burner. To adjust the flames you will remove the burner from the grill and use a screwdriver to free the shutter and allow you to close or open to allow for ideal burning. Be sure to always use caution when touching the burners after grilling as the burners can stay hot or warm for a long time after. We always recommend using heavily insulated heat resistant gloves when handling the burners.

Remember if your shutter is open too far, the flames shorten and lift off the burner. If the shutter is closed too far then the flames will appear lazy and burn orange. The ideal setting is when the burner flames are blue and are just touching the burner.

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