Fire Magic Digital Vs. Analog Grills

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Fire Magic has recently updated their Echelon line of Fire Magic Grills to include Analog Models along with the original Digital Display Models. The new line of Analog model grills are also available in Built-In and Stand Alone models. These new analog models are perfect for those grilling enthusiasts who prefer the traditional Analog Thermometer display over the Digital Display.

What is a Digital Display and what are the benefits?

A Digital Display is the thermometer gauge which uses a simple computer to allow you to read the temperature quickly and precisely through numbers and letters.

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The Digital Displays are beneficial due to the following features:

1. Ability to also turn on/off the internal lights and the knob back lights.
2. Select the desired temperature for your cooking without having to use your burner knobs.
3. Reference the recommended meat grilling temperatures guide right on the display.
4. Set an alarm for each individual cooking zone and the meat probe.

What is an Analog Display and what are the benefits?

Analog Displays are measured by a hand/pointer turning to show the difference in temperature read by its sensors or bi-metal springs. The most common analog displays are found in watches and charcoal grills.

The Analog Displays are beneficial due to the following features:

1. $400 Savings compared to the Digital Models.
2. No batteries.
3. Simple to use and maintain.

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