Aquaglide SUP Inflatable Paddle Board

Have you seen everyone paddling out on the water standing up lately?
Want to try and see why this new activity is quickly taking over?
Don’t have a truck or surf rack?

The Aquaglide Cascade SUP Inflatable Package is the perfect solution for you. This SUP board is unique in that it will inflate and deflate allowing you to carry it in you car’s trunk or even as normal baggage at the airport. The Aqua Glide SUP board is strong enough to carry riders up to 265 lbs / 120 kg and any age. You’ll love the workout and feel secure due to its diamond groove EVA deckpad.

Paddling standing up is great for building your core muscles (stomach and lower back), but it is also a great workout for your legs due to the unbalanced surface of water. It is not only about building your muscles and getting into better shape though. It is also about how the muscles are trained to work together in coordinated ways so that you can use this better coordination in your daily activities and other sports. Don’t forget also that this exercise can be very peaceful when you are out on the water. Learning to paddle and stay up is quick and easy. Staying on the water longer will take time to build your muscles.

The Aquaglide SUP Board Package includes:

1. Inflatable Board
2. Carrying Bag (33″ x 20″ x 9″)
3. 3 piece Adjustable Paddle
4. High Pressure Pump

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us at Buy Aquaglide.

 photo AG_cascade_detail_zpsf98745ce.jpg

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