Vent Free Wall Heaters


An easy way to save on home heating costs is with a vent-free natural gas radiant heater. Radiant heaters heat objects in the room before heating the air. Ideal for use in a bathroom or small bedroom. Easy, economical installation with no vent or chimney required.


Vent Free Fireplaces


Vent-free gas heating products are available in many designs for varied applications, personal tastes, and price points. When installed, they are fixed (not portable) installations fueled by either natural or propane gas, determined by the primary heating fuel of the home. They require no venting to bring outside air into the unit. This provides an ease of installation not available in vented units. They are available in many heat outputs (6,000-40,000 Btu/hr) and are used as supplemental heat in conjunction with the primary heat source of the home, i.e., the central heating system/furnace


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